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Pulse through the Nature …

With a small groups & utilize a rang of accommodation types which could include cottages, camping, farmstays, …
you get close & in the right location !
“Where serenity & wilderness surround you”

The Glorious Nature of Iran …

Iran is a magical spot which involves one of the richest biodiversities of Earth, its wildlife include Flora and Fauna whit their Natural Habitats. Close to 8000 plant species, and the occurrence of 517 bird species, 208 reptile species, 170 fish species, 164 mammal species, 22 amphibians.

The variations of geographic features & climatic conditions which are primary factors to determine Persian flora and fauna distribution, offer the unique & incredible biodiversity of this land to all people around the world. Range from luxuriant deciduous forests near the Caspian through oak, pistachio and almond woodlands in the central highlands to acacia woodlands, fan-palms and mangrove swamps in the south.

The Treasure of Earth Green Jewels …

Hyrcanian Forest contains remnants (Refugio) of the broad leaf forests in the world.
This ancient forest contains its full original complement of wild plants and animals, much of which has been lost from other adjoining areas. This natural area with its geological diversity and altitudinal range, different weathers, plant communities with high numbers of endemic species, in its most area is substantially unmodified by people and their effects. Having a total area of 1847886 ha is large enough to survive as a natural area, and to maintain genetic diversity even though there are outside influences.

Protecting Nature, Preserving Life.

Iran had lost all its Asiatic Lion which ranged from the Mediterranean to India, covering most of Southwest Asia, and hence it is also known as the Persian lion and Caspian Tigers, the third largest of the known subspecies of tigers by the earlier part of the twentieth century.

The Persian leopard or Iranian leopard is said to be the largest of all the subspecies of leopards in the world. The main range of this species in Iran closely overlaps with that of Bezoar Ibex. Hence, it is found throughout Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges, as well as smaller ranges within the Iranian plateau.

On of the bears in Iran is Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos), which is the largest carnivore in this land. The other one is the Asian Black Bear, (also known as the Himalayan Black Bear).

The other of the most famous members of wildlife in Iran are the world's last surviving, critically endangered Asiatic cheetah, which today are found nowhere else but in Iran.

Persian Wild Ass (Equus heminous onager) (known also as Onager) (Gureh Khar-in Persian).lives only in Iran and is one of the species that has adapted to life in the desert. Once, they were common in most of the central and Southern plains of the country.

The Mugger Crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) (literally "Crocodile of the marsh"), also called the Iranian, Marsh, or Persian Crocodile (in Persian Gandu) can be found in saltwater. The Mugger is the only crocodilian found in the southern tip of Iran.

The Caspian Red Deer, that is known as Maral, the easternmost subspecies of Red deer, is native to areas between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea such as Crimea, Asia Minor, the Caucasus Mountain region bordering Europe and Asia, and along the Caspian Sea region in Iran.

Persian fallow deer are bigger than Fallow Deer, their antlers bigger and less palmated. They are nearly extinct today, inhabiting a small habitat in Khuzestan, southern Iran, two rather small protected areas in Mazandaran(northern Iran), and an island in Lake Urmia in north-western Iran.

Caspian seals (Pusa caspica), one of the smallest members of the “true seal" family, are unique in that they are found exclusively in the brackish Caspian Sea. As the ice melts in the warmer season, they can be found on the mouths of the Volga and Ural Rivers, as well as the southern latitudes of the Caspian in Iran where cooler waters can be found due to greater depth.

“The Conservation of the Environment is one of The Most Important Duties of the Present Generation.”


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