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The Passion of trekking …

Imagine waking up to the morning fog that melt as the sun rise and then listen as the forest comes alive with birds…
Imagine hiking through the forest and being able to hear the sound of a tiny Robin or Maral bugling by your ears so close …

Stop Imagining…

Come visit Persian and see for yourself why it is the one of the famous premier destination for all culture & nature??? seeker or researcher??? around the world!

Ecotour means “Travel in Harmony with Nature” & infact all type of ecotours could be easily supplemented with enjoyable trekking over it.

On this land …

...By melting snows more Plains become a wonderland of mountain streams and Persian wildflowers & make chances on easy walks into several old cattlemen’s huts & staying in the most comfortable resorts, hiking and exploring this unique environment.
Also in winter by falling snows the mountain air is cool, fresh & its scenery is spectacular to walk in!

There is a wide variety choises of every walking ability from introductory walking to outback trekking &Experienced outdoor.

What better way to explore these beautiful regions of Persian than by foot?

DGSTEAM know the safest way for you to Enjoy a quality
Persian trekking ...
For hikers/walkers with inquisitive minds!

DGSteam, with many years experiences, there is a ??self-taughtor or naturalist belief?? With a formal background in geology and botany for an exciting and informative hiking/walking tour of the abundant natural wonders of Persia.
During this type of tours, travelers can see spectacular waterfalls, international wetlands, coastal mangroves, isolated islands, coral reefs, rivers, hot springs (from the dormant volcanos), archeological finds, and various farming plantations & add the range of their knowledge about local people.
Just bring along camera, binoculars and you're ready for an extraordinary rediscovery Persian plateau & this is not all …

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