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Rediscovery about Purebred Persian Horses
“Myths of Elegance”…

The game of polo is played on horseback with a stick (mallet) and ball & the earliest records of polo are Persian; there is evidence that it was played at the time of King Darius the Great
(522- 486 Bc.)

Apart from current uses of horses for riding in battlefields as cavalry, plowing on farms or pulling & hauling heavy carts; Persian with their ingenuity and competence layed the foundation of Chapar-Khane station; The Earliest Postal System with its chapars & fast horses for carrying messengers & also they invented Chogan (Polo) as the world's first team sport, the world's first ball game with the oldest square of chogan that called "Meydane Naghshe Jahan" exists in Esfahan and nowadays Polo is recognized as The World's Fastest Team Sport and Ball Game .

On the other hand, Persia plateau is origin Persian Horses which are the ancient breeds of horse, which had important role to make other breeds in the world.

This land along the magnificent collection of other natures includes Purebred Persian Horses:

Purebred Persian Arab Horse With its oldness approximately 2,000 BC. in Khuzestan.

The name Persian Arab covers a vast number of different regional strains throughout Iran which were named after the families that bred them. In Iran somebody call this breed as Asil, Tazi or Arab Horse. The word Tazi in Farsi has 2 different means: Arab and Galloping.

Turkman Horse Sky horses breed with roots in ancient times…

...That was also bred specifically for war and racing. The Turkmen horse is the key to hot-blooded horses the world over. Valued above all other possessions by the kings, emperors and aristocrats of three continents throughout three millennia of history, the Turkmen horse was famed for its mythical speed, endurance and beauty.
Turkmen breed has 3 mainly strains: Akhal Teke it is more in Turkmenistan. Yamout shorter and stronger as Akhal Teke. Chenaran it is a hybrid of a Turkmen and an Arab and very rare horse.

Caspian Horse Miniature Horse

The Caspian is an ancient breed of small horse rediscovered with Louise Firrouz (Louise Elizabeth Laylin) who was an American-born, Iranian horse breeder, researcher & introduced this rare & elegant breed of horse on the southern shores of the Caspian sea. Small numbers still exist in a semi-feral state in the rice paddies, cotton fields and forests of the remote Elburz Mountains.

Evidence that a Caspian type horse existed as early as 3000 BC. can be found in ancient writings and artifacts; A terracotta plaque from 2nd millennium Mesopotamia showing a small horse ridden with a nose ring can be seen at the British Museum. Kings Ardashir 1 (AD224) and Shapur (AD260) were depicted on stone reliefs with small horses that stood no more than waist high & the other one Caspian horses that were presented as gifts to King Darius the Great (522-586BC) & depicted on the huge stone relief flanking the staircase in the palace at Persepolis.

Kurdish Horse A Medium Horse Breed of Iran

A strong and resistant horse ideal for mountainous roads that is an ancient breed with a long history & Bred in Kurdistan and Kermanshah. It is a tough wiry desert horse of great stamina & a spirited riding horse with a gentle temperament. There are four strains of this breed: Jaff, Afshari, Sanjabi and Kalhor.

DareShuri Horse is another a Medium horse of uncertain origin …

Though its appearance suggests that it has oriental blood & Bred as a general purpose riding horse, it is a lively ride with Arabian characteristics & usually kept in center of Iran such as Fars and Esfahan.

Dgsteam on the Track of Rare Animal …

On majestic landscapes & enchanting visits to the fertile valleys of agnificent where they breed their Golden Horses …

With respect to the ancients, DGSTEAM offers a number of different Horseback Riding Vacations. These can be customized to suit your every need, and will be tailored to your specific level of riding experience.

Opportunity for us to have dream of a great vacation includes riding once or twice a day, country air, mountain views, hiking, riding out cross country, or just plain resting and enjoying being around horses, also DGSTEAM have knowledgeable and sympathetic instructors who could teach beginners how to ride those wonderful horses and actually look good doing it.

We are also located within one hour of Great Meadows, Qonbad Horse Champion, Hyrcanine forest & Turkmen rurals.

All in all, a great place for a
"horse vacation!"


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