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FAQ `s

1. Which equipment do I need to have?

It depends on the tours. For each tour, please check it with DGSTEAM.

2. For take part in ecotours, should I be completely powerful and expert?

For starting the ecotours No, but when you change from grade A to grade B you automatically will become powerful and expert enough!

3. How can I be more useful for environment and local communities during the tours?

You should study more before starting a tour. Please ask the sources from DGSTEAM.

4. If I have any problem in my body, can I take part in ecotours?

Usually in grades A and B no problem if you check it with DGSTEAM. The main goal is to be useful for environment and local communities.


Month`s Tour

Here you can see the tours of this month.

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  • Binoculars
  • Telescopes
  • Cds

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