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“We are Happy that Birds & Natures were Able to Bring US Together.”

IRAN’s position as an Ornithological crossroads is also evident in the diversity of migrants which pass through the country.

Birdwatching Gallery Nowadays many people around the world have realized the value of study & conservation the world's birds and their habitats under the international banner with these aims:

Birds are Part of Biodiversity of Immense Value

By focusing on birds, and the sites and habitats on which they depend, you can improve the quality of life for birds, for other wildlife (biodiversity), and for people.

Birdwatching Gallery

Birds are Indicators of the State of the Environment

Birds are excellent flagships and vital environmental indicators.

Societies Value Birds for Cultural, Ethical and Spiritual reasons

Birds are beautiful, inspirational and international.

Bird Watching in Land of Kindness...

As you know, IRAN is located between three large biogeography regions, Palearctice region in the North, Oriental region in the East and Ethiopian region in the South and West. These climatic diversities result in the creation of the astonishing multiplicing and variety of birds and their characters such as the color of wing, size of body, and their behavior…

This diversity can be seen from the Caspian Sea and Hyrcanian Mixed Forests (Humid temperate forest) in the north of IRAN to Manegro forest (Hara) on coast of The Persian Gulf & Oman Sea in the southern in eight major habitat types:

1. True desert and semi-desert
2. Semi-arid steppe
3. High mountains
4. Forests and woodland
5. The southern lowlands
6. Persian Gulf and Makran coastal habitats
7. Offshore Islands
8. Wetlands

Birdwatching Gallery

So as a host of the birds, IRAN is the most important wintering area for thousands of waterfowl, which, mainly come from Siberia, but it is also important as a passing and wintering area for songbirds and birds of prey during cold months of the year. (End of August to early in April)With 517 recorded species, Iran has a very rich and divers bird fauna, despite the fact that large portion of the country is arid to semi-arid…

Because of magnificent landscape, so many species of threatened birds & extensive flocks of waterfowl species, bird watchers/ornithologists have maximum opportunities to see & study the numerous birds of the world here in Iran...

“Biosphere Reserves of IRAN” also shelters threatened Birds such as:

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Bird Watching Tours will commonly be private tours customized for individuals or small groups & ideal for specific interest groups - photographers, artists, writers, etc. Birdwatching Gallery

These tours are ideally suited for adventurous elderly/retired people who enjoy exploring the outdoors, as you can spend a lot of time bush walking, and loving nature & others interest in nature. On the other hand who is bird watching around Iran will have much points to know about all * History * Flora * Fauna * Marine life * Geology on the background of his/her journey.


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